2 Sentence Stories

2 Sentence Stories


This was the moment, the moment he was finally about to win!

Until he didn't.

"Oh no I've misplaced my wallet!" Said the man.

"No you haven't" replied the thief.

04... 13... 22… 28… and the bonus ball is… 03!

These were not his numbers. 

She looked down at her beautiful new puppy.

It shat itself, ate it and threw it back up. 

He had worked so hard for this.

But on closer inspection, the trophy had the wrong name on.

I once again woke up with a foul taste in my mouth.

And it had been weeks since I've seen the dog take a shit.

I asked for my usual.

Everyday for 1 year and they couldn't remember me.

"Are these detail correct?" She asked.

"Yes" He lied.