Spitting Image

Spitting Image


It was the discovery beyond a lifetime. You often see on the news that a new planet has been discovered. A planet that is, ‘similar to earth’. Every week a story like that seems to come out. But nothing ever comes of it. However, this time it was true. They had found a planet just like Earth. In fact it was almost exactly like Earth. The only difference being it was a spitting image of our Earth. It was the same. Well not exactly the same. It was the other way around.

We managed to make contact with them. They were humans just like us. They had the same technology. The same foods. They even had the same countries. But some things were backwards. they would write back to front - depending on where they were from. They later realized, that everyone on our planet had an opposite on their planet. So if you were right handed, your opposite would be left handed. If you were tall your opposite was short. If you had an outgoing personality, your opposite would have a shy one.

No one knew what this meant. If it had any meaning at all. Maybe one day they would figure out the how and why. But it won’t be within our lifetime that’s for sure. 

However, they did discover one more thing. Something unique to this new planet. They discovered the most perfect human imaginable. They were strong and they were beautiful. They had flawless skin that seemed to be the most perfect tone. Their manner was polite and they were smart to match. Charming and endearing, they could be described only by using every positive word imaginable.

They were the opposite of you.