Try This

Try This

Next time you are at work and feeling a bit bored, stressed, or maybe just a moment where you need to switch off and lose yourself in some thought. Try this. 

Imagine having a proper fight at work. A proper physical fight. Get everyone involved. Yourself, colleagues, bosses, clients and even customers. Get everyone involved, leave no one out. And when I say fight, I mean a proper scrap. Life and death even. Nothing is off limits in your imagination.

Imagine every deatils. Like how would it start? Maybe you look over at your colleague and you say “Why are you looking at me like that?” Your colleague would be surprised as this has come out of nowhere. Even in the most stressful of situations you have never displayed a confrontational attitude. “What do you mean? I wasn’t looking at you, I was looking at my screen working. You ok?”. Don’t let them finish. Ramp it up, get abusive. “You were fucking looking at me like you dispise me, well you know what? I despise you.” Would you make the first move? A pre-emptive strike? Or would you keep pushing them and try to get them to start it off. If you work in an office maybe you could grab a pen and stab them with it. Do you think if you went REALLY hard with the pen you could break the skin? Aim for the face, go deep into someone's eye socket. “Not gonna fucking look at me now are you!?”. If you work on a building site, imagine the horrific damage you could do. Maybe you are up on a roof, just imagine shoving someone off it. Start picking up tools and bricks and throwing them at your colleagues below. If you work in a super market imagine just walking up to a customer and spitting in their face. Follow it up with a punch, a punch so hard you get a tooth stuck in the skin between your knuckles, then you start tipping over as many shelves as possible. 

You know what would be proper mental? Write it all down as you are thinking of it. Ha, no, I wouldn’t actually do that. Anyone that would do that has some real issues. Try it though.

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